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The Source |Cardi B Is Considering Getting Her Sons Name Tattooed On Her Face


Cardi B had Twitter-verse in a frenzy on Monday tweeting a random thought stating, she was considering getting a face tattoo of her son’s name.

Fans were quick to shut down the  idea reminding her of a tweet the Up performer wrote in 2021 that says “Every day I’m thankful at the fact that I ain’t get this face tatt I wanted when I was 16.” Another writing, “Let Offset do it on ya behalf.” Since the Migo’s rapper already has the couple’s daughter Kulture’s name tattooed on his jawline as well as the names of his other children inked on his face and shoulder.

Cardi already has her body inked with a handful of other tatts including a collage of flowers that covers her lower thigh, butt, and back a cheetah tattoo on her upper leg, a peacock on the other side of her leg, her sister’s name on her inner arm, a butterfly that covers up Samual her ex, and the sign language symbol for ‘I Love You’ behind her right ear.  She continued to taunt her followers later on in the day writting that she wanted it to be to be placed on her jaw line and hours later also posted a shot of an older women with a face tatto of a flower to further dig into their distain for the tatt. 

Only time will tell with what the WAP singer will do.  We’ll just have to wait and see. 

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