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St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s deputy punches Black woman in viral video


Luluing Cop In Viral Video Punching Black Woman For Video Recording

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Another day, another bacon-wrapped boy in blue wantonly abusing his power against a Black body. There is currently a viral video circulating on social media that shows a police officer violently attacking a Black woman by slamming her into a building and punching her in the face repeatedly. A report in Fox8Live details what happened and what lead up to the disturbing footage that you can see below.

St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s deputy Henry Sill attacked 30-year-old MaryLee Robinson after she began recording him as he arrested her brother, 26-year-old Keith Robinson Jr. During the course of her filming, officers accused the woman of “egging on” her brother to resist and she was told to stay in her yard while recording. When she again advanced toward the arrest, Sill attempted to place her under arrest and that’s when all hell broke loose. Here is another angle of the incident from the body camera footage that was cobbled together for release to the public.

There is an internal investigation underway but Sill is still on paid duty.

“She came literally to where my brake light was and she said ‘I can go wherever I want.’ So I went to go snatch her and she took off running from me,” Sill says. “She pushed me and momentum pushed her and she hit the trailer. She started swinging so I struck her… and I struck her a few times.”

The local NAACP is applying pressure for a fair and transparent investigation. Meanwhile, MaryLee Robinson has been charged with the battery of a police officer and interfering with a law enforcement investigation. We’ll have more information to share as it becomes available.

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