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Panda$tackz Finds His Ride Or Die On “Bonnie $ Clyde” » Hype Off Life


With Valentine’s Day coming this Sunday, emerging artist Panda$tackz has the music to cater to those who have someone special in their life. While many couples wish to have a romance like Jay Z and Beyoncé or a Will and Jada (minus the entanglement), Panda$tackz may have found his lucky lady on “Bonnie $ Clyde“.

With a video directed by Augustine Zepeda, Panda$tackz talks about the lady he has found. A lady who has captured his heart, be his ride or die, be the one who is at his side no matter, and Panda is definitely grateful for her. While some guys talk about the one night stands and thots, Panda$tackz emphasizes that this woman is the one he needs in his life more than anything. If you know you have someone special in your life, don’t wait till February 14 to show that love, express yourself now!

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