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There are many visionaries that have created, crafted and nurtured the careers of others, but few have been as eminently successful as E. Mills. CEO of Mill Ticket Entertainment, he has led projects for industry heavyweights such as Sony, Disney and Universal amongst many others where excellence of the highest quality is demanded each and every day.  

Always destined to be a part of the music, film, fashion, and sports media landscape, he has built a multi-faceted empire that is broken down into four main divisions. On the music side of the ledger, Mill Ticket Entertainment work for artists, producers and writers, supported by their own record label to get the best deal possible. They have assisted acts such as Tyga, Nicki Minaj and Offset in selling millions of records worldwide.

Their Fashion Division has a merchandising capability that spins off into an actual clothing line. They are also getting into the gaming industry representing gamers and eventually elite professional athletes.  

Finally, the place where it all started for E. Mills was the Film Division. Starting out with model management, the company has progressed into one of the biggest casting companies across the nation. Casting some of the top music videos, commercials, films, and print/editorial around the industry today, they are fast becoming the company on everyone’s lips.  

From that fledgling dream he once had, Mill Ticket Entertainment has now grown into one of the most influential media marketers in the world. Opening up their own creative compound in Downtown Los Angeles, they now sit at the beating heart of the media and entertainment industry supplying services such as podcasting, a professional photography and film studio, plus one of the most innovative and future leaning recording studios in the business.

E. Mills is a self-made entrepreneur. Nothing was handed to him on a platter, and that has instilled in him the work ethic to produce the best results for his clients day in day out. Genuine and a straight talker, he gets to the heart of any issue that confronts his team. Always on point, he takes a hands-on approach to the work his company produces embedding himself as an integral part of the design and planning stage of any project.  

Now that Mill Ticket Entertainment has become a leader in the music video industry, they are looking forward to achieving that same status in social media promotion, lifestyle branding and so much more. With E. Mills persistence and dedication, there is no doubt that he will soon join the ranks of his influential peers Diddy, Nick Cannon, and Jay-Z. As the world of multi-media entertainment is only set to expand in the coming decades, expect to see E. Mills and Mill Ticket Entertainment leading the charge to a horizon of new possibilities.

Stay connected with E. Mills and his company millticketcasting.com

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